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Massage: beneficial relaxation and gentle healing

Massage is one of humanity’s oldest healing methods. Through targeted kneading, stroking and tapping, muscles are loosened and pain is relieved. Nowadays, we can choose between countless different types of massage, such as classic Swedish massage, Thai massage, shiatsu massage and ayurvedic massage. Aromatic oils, exfoliators and gentle music make a massage even more pleasant and help to relax both the body and mind.

What you need for your massage studio

Would you like to set up a massage room in your home, so you can enjoy a massage more often? Or are you a physiotherapist and need equipment for your studio? In our online shop, you’ll find everything you need to give and receive healing massages. The heart of any massage studio is, of course, a luxurious massage table: it’s stable, softly padded and easy to clean, thanks to a waterproof and oil-resistant cover. We also offer other accessories such as stools, rolls and head rests. Our tip: if you’d like to visit your patients’ homes, go for a flexible massage table that you can easily set up and take down in a few steps. You can transport it in the bag provided.

Massage cushions and massage mattresses invite you to relax

Your partner isn’t keen on giving massages but your therapist is booked up for weeks? No problem. You can enjoy all the benefits of a gentle massage without help from anyone at all. Infrared magnetic massage cushions and massage mattresses give out circulation-stimulating, penetrating warmth while built-in massage motors relax muscles and can be individually controlled by a remote.