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Beds for a good night’s sleep

For many people, the bed is the best place in the whole home: it’s where you cuddle up, eat breakfast, read and, of course, sleep. For sweet dreams, you don’t just need a suitable mattress, but also a stable bed frame. We recommend a frame of at least 25 millimetres in thickness and with a slatted base depending on your choice of mattress. Whether you’re looking for a wooden frame, metal frame or upholstered bed depends solely on your personal taste; the desired quality and whether you aim for a modern, artistic or retro look for your bedroom.

Large beds more than 140 cm wide should have a centre strut to ensure that the mattress and slats don’t sag in the middle. The standard height for a bed is 40 to 50 centimetres, but you can also find extra comfort beds at 60 cm high. These also make it easier for older people to get out of bed.