Cat scratching posts

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The cat activity tree: the most important piece of furniture for cat owners

Even though you might not always see it in these gently purring creatures that love to cuddle: cats are little predators. That’s why our domestic tigers like to keep their claws sharp and always stay fit for the hunt - even if they’re only taking down balls of wool and toy mice. To make sure it doesn’t even cross your kitties mind to scratch your precious furniture, you should provide them with a high-quality cat scratching post or activity centre. Let us give you some tips on finding the right scratching post for your cat.

Cat tree materials and features

Choose a cat tree made from natural materials such as sisal or wood, as cats don’t just scratch on scratching posts, but also like to nibble on them. Cat trees with removable and washable covers are practical - in case something goes wrong. Cat trees with built-in tubes, hide-aways, troughs and platforms are especially popular. They’re not just used to sharpen claws, but also to play, hide and sleep.

Height and location of a cat tree

Small and medium scratching posts and trees are mostly suitable for young cats: kittens learn very quickly to climb up a cat tree - but getting back down takes a little practice. Ceiling-height cat towers are the perfect choice if you have more than one cat in your home. These have enough space for all to prevent too much squabbling.

Our tip: cats like to relax where their people are. Choose a cat activity centre that suits your living space and put it somewhere central in your living room. Then your little tiger is sure to accept their scratching post and put it to good use.