Dog crates

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Dog transport crates: safety on the road

Be it a trip to the vet, dog sitter or Dog Park: at some point or another, every dog will have to get into a car. While some animals are enthusiastic passengers, others have a somewhat sceptical reaction. To make sure they’re safe during the trip, you must put your pet in a stable dog cage. It’s the only way to protect your dog from an accident or injury by loose objects if you have to pull an emergency stop.

How to get your dog used to its car crate

Ideally, dogs should be familiarised with their transport crates as puppies. Many breeders leave a dog cage out at home or in the garden while the dogs are still puppies, and they use it to play, romp around and sleep in. This lets them get used to transport cages early on, and accept these as a natural part of their environment. But even older animals can get used to transport cages - with plenty of patience and lots of treats!

The ideal dog transport crate for your pet

When choosing a transport crate, the size of your dog is important: the cage should be big enough for your four-legged friend to comfortably lie down, stretch out and sit upright. But the crate shouldn’t be too big either, otherwise your pet could be unnecessarily thrown around during the car journey. High-quality dog crates are made from robust aluminium. If you travel with your dog a lot, e.g. to competitions or exhibitions, a collapsible dog crate could be a good idea. These can be folded up to save storage space, while a built-in fly screen provides protection from annoying visitors. We also have double crates for people with more than one pooch.