Rattan garden furniture

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Rattan garden furniture: turn your patio into a chic lounge

When the sun has got its hat on, your patio becomes a cosy outdoor living room: casual lounge-style rattan furniture invites you to waste away the hours and is perfect for casual garden parties with family, friends and neighbours. Let us tell you what to keep in mind when buying rattan garden furniture.

Rattan or poly rattan?

Rattan is a natural material taken from the trunk of the Asian rattan palm. Synthetic woven rattan furniture exudes exotic charm, has a slightly glossy finish and looks stylish and sophisticated. At the same time, seating made from real rattan is extremely lightweight and very stable. But the material is sensitive to moisture, so rattan patio sets must always be kept covered to prevent rain and weather damage.

Furniture made from poly rattan is less sensitive: this is a woven plastic material that looks like natural rattan. Aside from its attractive design, poly rattan garden furniture also comes with countless other benefits: polyethylene is easy to care for, weatherproof, winter-proof, very durable and completely recyclable. It’s ideal for outside use. For this reason, rattan furniture for the garden is generally made form durable poly rattan.

The perfect combination: rattan garden furniture is robust, comfortable and stylish

Rattan furniture features soft and flexible weaving, which ensures a high level of comfort. Under the comfortable surface, there is usually a high-quality, corrosion-resistant frame made from powder-coated aluminium to ensure stability. Did you know? Just like natural rattan garden furniture, poly rattan is woven by hand. This may use braids of flat material or round lengths - this means that rattan furniture comes in a range of different looks and feels.

Another benefit of poly rattan compared with natural rattan: robust plastic fibres are dyed during processing. You can find rattan garden furniture sets in many popular colours, such as anthracite, black or beige. Thanks to rattan furniture’s excellent UV-resistance, chairs, sofas and tables don’t fade, meaning they retain their shape and colour even in strong sunshine. Furthermore, high-quality rattan furniture reliably withstands wind and rain: the material isn’t porous, so raindrops simply run off the surface.

Rattan garden furniture with a lounge feel

Outdoor cushions on woven rattan furniture ensure additional comfort and creates a homely lounge feel on your patio. Thanks to durable covers and waterproof padding, these cushions will easily withstand summer rain showers and don’t have to be rushed inside at the first sign of rain. Various different colours, patterns and designs are available, so you can create a homely atmosphere in your garden.

Cleaning and caring for rattan garden furniture

Poly rattan chairs are becoming a common sight on restaurant terraces as well as in private gardens. The reasons are clear to see: this stylish garden furniture retains its shape well and is temperature-resistant, waterproof, long lasting and low-maintenance. Soiling can simply be sprayed off with a hosepipe, while smaller areas of dirt can be removed with a soft cloth or brush and some washing-up liquid.

Special woven plastic cleaner is also ideal for cleaning your rattan furniture: apply some to a sponge and clean your furniture. Alternatively, you can spray the special cleaner directly onto your rattan furniture and let it work before rinsing with clean water to remove any residue. By using a specialist-cleaning product, you won’t just easily remove sun cream, ice cream or bird droppings, but also increase the life of your rattan furniture. Cleaning agents designed specifically for the material increase its protection from UV rays and the elements.

Where to store rattan garden furniture through winter?

Thanks to its weatherproof properties, rattan furniture can be kept outside all year round. But, if possible, you should still store your rattan seating in the cellar or garage through winter. If the rattan furniture has to stay outside on the patio all winter due to lack of space, you should cover it with a protective cover. This protects your garden furniture from the elements, ensuring an extended life, and meaning it’ll be clean and fresh for spring.

Lounge corner or seating set: find the right rattan furniture for your garden

The choice of high quality, chic rattan furniture is huge. Rattan basket chairs are especially popular for the conservatory or terrace: they are available in light, natural shades as well as darker brown tones. Often, several pieces are arranged together to create a large, modular living space with a lounge feel - such as two rattan chairs, a sofa and a table. They invite you to cosy up together and are ideal for enjoying a summer cocktail or an iced coffee outside.

If you like to eat outside regularly, you should think about a rattan patio set: the table and chairs are higher so you can sit up straight to enjoy a relaxed barbecue with plenty of chargrilled delights. The dining table usually has a glass table top - this doesn’t just look stylish, but also ensures a smooth and even surface. You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to the design: classic rattan furniture has an angular, clean-lined shape and is made from woven fibres. You can however also find round, curvy rattan furniture made with thicker round weaving.

Our tip:

While earlier rattan furniture tended to be rigid and not stackable, practical stacking chairs and foldout multi-positional chairs are also available in rattan. To this end, the comfortable and robust poly rattan weave is combined with stable coated steel, aluminium or stainless steel.

To sum it up:

Furniture made from poly rattan combines all the attributes of high-quality natural rattan furniture but is considerably more robust and long lasting. It can whip up a cosy atmosphere on your patio, and the soft cushions make it perfect for relaxing.