Strength training

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Buy high quality strength training equipment online

A wide chest, round shoulders and a solid six-pack - a muscular body is still the goal of many amateur athletes. It is no surprise seeing as toned, defined muscles stand for strength and vitality. Whether it's recreational athletes or ambitious bodybuilders, tectake has everything you need to build and develop muscle.

High-quality equipment is crucial for successful home gym training. Without a stable weight bench or power tower, you are unable to complete the necessary wide range of muscular movements to build muscle mass. The weight bench and power tower are the basis of numerous exercises. Power towers are true all-rounders and offer maximum functionality with minimum space requirements thanks to integrated devices such as a pull up bar, a multi-angle weight bench, a lat pull down, an abdominal trainer such as a sit-up bench and a leg trainer.

Power rack power stations come with a strong barbell rack and weight plate stand. Even complex basic exercises such as deadlifts and heavy squats are no problem when this is a part of your home gym. Alternatively, ab trainers, barbell stands, leg trainers and more are also available for purchase individually.

But what use is good equipment without high-quality dumbbells? Bodybuilders and strength athletes can take full advantage of tectake and benefit from a wide selection of dumbbells and weight bars, from the barbell to the EZ bar. With special barbell poles like the EZ curl bar, the spectrum of exercises that is possible on the multi-angle weight bench is further expanded.

Together with an abdominal trainer such as a decline sit-up bench, a robust weight plate stand and a power station with back trainer, a complete gym can be created in the smallest of spaces. Thanks to our gym equipment’s excellent value for money, establishing a home gym with tectake devices will help you to achieve your fitness goals whilst saving your pocket from expensive gym memberships.