Tool chests

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Keep your tools handy at all times with a secure tool chest

A wheeled tool trolley is your mobile assistant in your workshop, cellar or garage: complete with countless storage shelves and drawers, it always has the tool you need on hand – whenever you need it. Modern tool carts come with practical castors so you can easily push them from A to B. They’re indispensable pieces of equipment for hobbyists and professional tradespeople alike. Let us tell you what you should keep in mind before buying a workshop tool chest or trolley.

Considerations before buying

Before you decide on a new tool trolley, you should ask yourself a few questions: do you need it for personal or business purposes? Models for professional tradespeople like car mechanics, carpenters or technicians are made from more robust materials as they have to withstand a lot of wear - such as being transported to a building site or another workshop. This is obviously reflected in the price.

Hobbyists don’t generally need to invest quite as much - you can find high-quality workshop trolleys at considerably lower prices that are suitable for occasional use. The features also dictate the price. What’s important to you personally? Should your trolley have lockable drawers, rubber or foam inlays, partitions or even a cup holder?

You should also consider how big your tool trolley should be. This, of course, depends on how much space you have in your workshop. If you’re struggling to decide between sizes, we’d recommend opting for the larger model as you’re sure to acquire more tools over the years that will need storing somewhere. Keep in mind: the bigger the trolley, the harder it will be to move.

Main features of a high-quality workshop trolley

Tradespeople know: good tools are heavy. That’s why a high-quality model should be able to withstand a lot and contain a heavy load. They are made from robust materials like plastic and metal and have large wheels that can hold the stated maximum weight. Even the bearings and latches in the drawers should be of a high quality - after all, they’ll go through a lot during your daily work.

Different shelves and drawers in a range of sizes are practical, whereby the smaller compartments should be located over the workbench, and the larger ones underneath. Important: the drawers should be lockable to protect your tools from unwanted access and to protect children, thus minimising the risk of injury. This is easiest when a central locking system is used, as it allows you to lock all the drawers with one lock.

Tool trolleyss: empty or filled?

Assembly trolleys are available with or without accessories. If you already have a lot of tools and just need somewhere to store them, you’d be better off with an empty model as they’re considerably cheaper. If you’re in the process of setting up a new workshop or would like to move onto more professional tools, investing in a full tool chest with tools can be worth it - you can find some great-value options.

Don’t just keep the quality and finish of the trolley in mind, but also the tools. Complete chest and tool sets also come with another benefit: everything you need is already tidied away so you can begin your project right away. Filled trolleys generally include one or two free drawers for other items.

Inlays for workbench trolleys

To make sure your tools don’t roll around in the drawers of your tool chest, you should invest in additional inlays. These are inserts made from plastic, rubber or foam with pre-shaped cavities for your tools. You can sort your ratchets, socket wrenches, screwdrivers and hex keys, creating order in your workshop and saving you time in the future. Clearly organised tools mean you’ll always be able to find the right tool for the job.

More accessories for your tool chest

Whether you opt for a full or empty tool chest, suitable accessories will make your work even easier. A magnetic drawer insert, for example, makes sure that small metallic parts like screws and bolts don’t fall on the floor. Can and mug holders make sure you always know where your tea is. Add drawer compartments to your workbench to sort nails and wall plugs, or opt for a plywood work surface to turn your tool chest into a mobile workbench.

Workshop trolleys - essential for professionals and hobby DIYers

A workshop tool trolley has one major advantage over a simple workshop cabinet or small tool case: thanks to its wheels, it can be moved anywhere. And it keeps your tools neat and tidy thanks to drawer separators and compartments. This means: no more searching for tools - you’ll know exactly where they are. This makes your work easier - whether you’re a professional tradesperson or just want to finally crack on with that home project.