Rattan loungers

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Enjoy the sun on a high-quality rattan lounger

Garden furniture made from poly rattan is becoming ever more popular. No wonder, as rattan garden loungers are extremely stable and robust - rain, wind and intense sun doesn’t effect rattan loungers. Furthermore, they’re sure to impress with their stylish design and especially homely feel. Thanks to matching outdoor cushions, loungers made from rattan offer plenty of comfort and are perfect for relaxing and sunbathing in your garden or on your patio.

What you need to know about poly rattan

Our rattan loungers are made from modern poly rattan. This is a weather-resistant braided polyethylene, a plastic that is similar to the natural rattan of the rattan palm. You can buy rattan loungers made with flat braids or round plaits. The difference between the versions is in the cross-section of the individual stands, which affects the look and feel of the lounger. Just like real rattan loungers, sun loungers made from poly rattan are made by hand. Our loungers come with wheels so they can easily be moved around to ensure you’re in the sunniest spot. If the sun gets too intense, we stock designs with built in sunshades. Did you know? Nowadays, you can find rattan loungers that are hardly distinguishable from natural rattan. You can also buy garden loungers with a smooth, typically plastic look. There’s bound to be something for every taste.

The benefits of rattan loungers

With a rattan sun lounger, you’ll turn your patio into an outdoor living room. The high-quality synthetic weave is resistant to UV rays, rain, snow and even frost. It can even withstand temperatures from minus 85 to plus 90 degrees. As the synthetic fibres don’t take on water, raindrops simply drip off - making rattan loungers especially durable. They are easy to clean and can simply be rinsed off with a hosepipe. Another benefit is its environmentally friendly: poly rattan is fully recyclable.