Dressing table

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Any beauty queen’s dream: your very own dressing table

The highlight of any bedroom or dressing room: a dressing table. Dressing tables in light shades such as cream or white with curved legs and a matching stool is like a little girl’s dream come true. Our antique style dressing tables are a must-have for anyone who is still a princess at heart. A dressing table can give a room nostalgic charm and a touch of Hollywood glamour.

A dressing table isn’t just a stylish focal point: it lets you sit down so you can fully focus on styling yourself to perfection. For many women, their dressing tables are personal refuges, so they have to be practical, comfortable and above all, stylish.

Especially practical: the small drawers in a dressing table can safely store powder, eyeshadow, lip gloss and brushes until they’re ready to be applied in front of the large mirror.