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The suitcase: your loyal companion on holidays and business trips

When you’re planning a trip away - you’ll need the right suitcase to keep your luggage safe! In our online shop, you’ll find a large range of high-quality travel suitcase sets which include suitcases in various sizes. They contain everything you need for a well-earned holiday from compact hand luggage to spacious wheeled suitcase trolleys. Suitcases made from lightweight polycarbonate are especially ideal, as they’re very stable and robust. If you’re travelling with delicate and/or expensive items, you’ll need a solid hard-shell suitcase designed to deal with rough handling from airport staff.

What size should your suitcase should?

The size of your suitcase depends on how long your stay will be: for short trips, a small suitcase with a capacity of 20 to 40 litres should suffice, but longer trips may need a larger trolley suitcase of 60 to 100 litres in capacity. If you’re going away for more than two weeks and don’t fancy washing your clothes too often, a 120 litre suitcases would be a good idea. Our tip: check your airline’s luggage regulations on their website before hand. This means you can save time waiting at baggage reclaim by taking your luggage into the cabin with you.

What you should consider before buying a suitcase

Trolleys with four wheels are generally easier to manoeuvre than those with two wheels. Make sure that the telescopic handle on your travel suitcase is long enough for your height. Especially practical: in many suitcase sets, the suitcases can be stored inside one another to save space. Important: if you’d like to travel to the USA, you should lock your suitcase with a TSA lock. These can be opened by the US security services, who would otherwise have to break into your suitcase. You can buy a TSA lock in specialist shops.