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Barbecuing is the UK’s most popular summer activity

A juicy steak, a delicious sausage or crunchy vegetable kebabs: there’s something for everyone at a BBQ - so it’s no wonder they’re so popular! For your own cosy BBQ night, we offer a large range of robust charcoal grills, kettle barbecues, smokers and smoker barrels. Hungry yet? For the impatient barbecuer, there are chimney starters to get those coals burning faster.

Real BBQ masters, of course, need the right accessories: our extensive barbecue utensil sets contain BBQ tongues, kebab sticks, corn holders and more. And with a burger press, you can whip up perfect hamburgers just like an American diner. We hope you have a relaxing time in your garden or on your balcony - bon appetit!