Dining chairs

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Dining chairs for convivial evenings

Is there anything better than sitting around a table with family or friends, eating together and putting the world to rights? To make sure you and your guests are comfortable, you should opt for high-quality chairs. Especially practical are sets with several dining chairs, as they ensure a harmonious finish to your kitchen or dining room.

Various dining chair designs

Generally, dining chairs are made using a robust wood or metal frame. Padded chairs have soft padding that is covered with coloured fabric or leather. You can also get kitchen chairs made from woven wicker or low-maintenance plastic. Armrests or extra high backrests make dining chairs especially comfortable and ergonomic. Did you know? A cantilever chair is a chair without back legs, allowing it to rock, meaning you can lean back in comfort and enjoy the meal.

The right chair for your dining table.

Leather chairs are especially suited to modern dining tables with airy glass tops, while colourful plastic kitchen chairs are perfect for simple wooden tables. If you prefer the rustic, shabby, chic look, dining chairs made from natural wicker or solid wood can be grouped around the table. Remember: each person eating at your table needs around 60 centimetres of width and 60 centimetres of depth. The ideal sitting height is 45 centimetres, and any armrests should fit under the table top. Our tip: if you’re not sure which dining chair to buy, always opt for a height-adjustable design. This can be easily adapted to suit the height of your table. It’s also a good idea to have folding chairs on hand for unexpected visitors or large groups.