Camping kitchen

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Camping kitchen: take your home comforts with you

Whether you want to spend your next vacation in a tent, motorhome or caravan, with a practical outdoor kitchen, you can enjoy home cooking on the go. From the tectake range you will be able to find a high-quality camping kitchen to suit your needs so you can enjoy home comforts, even when setting up camp under the stars. Read on and view our range to learn more about the benefits of a camping kitchen to enjoy a relaxed vacation.

Versatile outdoor kitchen with plenty of storage space

A well thought-out camping kitchen offers the right solution for all situations. This begins with a large amount of storage that gives you enough space to accommodate food, cutlery, various kitchen utensils and other equipment. It is ideal that the storage spaces can be closed to avoid damage to or loss of belongings. This is especially important when staying in areas where many insects or other small animals are present. There is nothing more annoying than having to throw away spoiled groceries when on holiday because uninvited guests have been helping themselves!

When visiting hot regions, keeping food fresh can be a problem due to the high temperature. In our range, we stock an outdoor kitchen whose compartments are equipped on the back with a mesh fabric for good air circulation.

Folding camping kitchen for space-saving transport

During transport, an outdoor kitchen should occupy as little space as possible, thus ensuring no other essential travel items are left behind. It is therefore essential that the camping kitchen is foldable or demountable, meaning you can stock your car with everything necessary to enjoy your holiday. The outdoor kitchen should also be lightweight for ease of transport, unloading and loading. Travel bags are additional accessories that will further assist with storage, travel and transport.

Stable camping kitchen with height-adjustable feet

The structure should be simple and straightforward. In this way, even without prior knowledge or experience, it should be possible to assemble the camping kitchen in just a few minutes. An understandable and easy-to-follow assembly guide will help you.

Once the outdoor kitchen has been assembled, stability and sturdiness are essential. This is especially true on uneven ground, which is often associated with campsites. Height-adjustable feet ensure maximum stability and enable you to adapt the camping kitchen so the table worktop stays level. A solid finish of the individual panels, sidewalls and other elements ensures that you can fill the kitchen to capacity without risk of damage.

Take a look at the tectake range and you'll find quality camping kitchens with the aforementioned essential features. We are able to offer high levels of product quality at brilliantly low prices.