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Hang out in a hammock

Enjoy the summer and relax in a gently swaying hammock or a comfortable, freely swinging, hanging chair. Did you know? Originally, hammocks were made from woven bark and sisal. Today, they’re made with various woven textiles and plastic in a range of colours.

Mesh hammocks vs. cloth hammocks

Traditional hammocks are made from woven cotton fibres. These mesh hammocks don’t tangle, are extremely stable and breathable, and adapt to the shape of your body. Cloth hammocks are made from solid textiles. They provide more comfort and better heat insulation. That’s why these hammocks are especially popular in cooler areas. Cloth hammocks can come with or without bars: these keep the fabric area straight, making your hammock the perfect sun lounger. In general: high-quality hammocks are lightweight, washable and mould-resistant. Generous double hammocks have space for two, making them perfect for cuddling up. A built-in roof over the hammock protects you from strong sunshine and the occasional raindrop.

Hang hammocks securely

Hammocks are generally hung at two points by mounting straps. You can hang them to trees, stable balconies or special wall mounts. So even if you don’t have any suitable trees in your garden, you don’t have to go without a relaxing hammock outside. You can also find practical frames to hang hammocks on. Choose from hammock frames secured to the ground with ropes and tent pegs or a U-shaped ground frame. By the way: the ideal hanging height is half the distance between the two securing points. The hammock should hang relatively deeply, so you can comfortably relax in it. This is especially the case for hammocks without supporting bars.