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Comfortable bedding: sweet dreams guaranteed

High-quality bedding is made from skin-friendly, breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, flannel or satin and should be free of hazardous substances. They come in various sizes, with 80 x 80 centimetres the standard size for pillows and 135 x 200 centimetres the standard for a single bed cover. You can also find double duvet covers in various special and extra large sizes.

There’s the right bedding for every taste and bedroom decor. Choose from countless attractive designs, such as classic plain colours and bedding with elegant florals or graphic prints.

Whether you sleep with a duvet or a blanket can change through the 4 seasons – in the summer a soft blanket can be comfortable and cooling whereas a warm microfibre duvet can be nice for the cold winter time.

Our tip: your bedding should be washable at up to 60 degrees so stains and germs can be reliably removed. This will ensure your bedding is always safe and hygienic.