TV wall mounts

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More space and safety in your living room with a TV wall mount

Bigger, clearer, better: that’s the idea behind modern televisions. High-quality flat-screens have sharp images and generously sized screens to make the cinematic experience perfect, even at home. But there’s one problem: these high-tech devices take up a lot of space. If the TV is positioned on a TV stand, it could tip over if someone accidentally knocks into it. This is where a TV wall mount comes in. It helps you secure your television to the wall. Some TV brackets can even be tilted, turned, swivelled or angled so you always have the best view of the TV, no matter where you’re sitting.

The most important measurement for TV wall mounts: VESA

When choosing a TV wall mount, you must keep an eye out for the correct VESA value. VESA stands for the ‘Video Electronics Standards Association’, an organisation that has laid out standardised norms for the mounting of screens and televisions to walls, ceilings and tables. As well as the dimensions and weight of your device, this standard also regulates that at least four screws must be used to ensure a strong, secure attachment. Even the distance between the screws is regulated by the VESA standard. You can find information about your flat-screen’s VESA standard in the technical details provided, e.g. in the instruction manual.

How to find the right TV wall mount for your television

Before ordering your LCD wall mount, you should check the weight and display size of your device as well as the distance between the fixing points. With these three values, you can easily find the right TV wall mount for your television. Even VESA-compliant TVs may need an adaptor to use a standardised bracket.