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The tent: your mobile home in nature

Camping is a popular, family-friendly holiday that gets everyone reacquainted with nature. It’s not just children that love sleeping under the stars, playing in the trees and building campfires. In our online shop, you’ll find a huge range of high-quality family tents and pop-up tents - we’d be happy to advise you.

How to find the right camping tent

An important consideration when buying a tent is how much space you need: how many people will be sleeping in the tent? Will your luggage be kept in the tent? Even the tent’s weight is important: if you’re going on a hiking or cycling trip, you’ll need an especially lightweight model. How heavy the tent is depends on the material: nylon is lighter than polyester and aluminium poles are less weighty than fibreglass. Of course, any camping tent has to be weatherproof. But if you’re travelling through cold, rainy areas, you’ll appreciate a water-resistant tent much more than someone in the Mediterranean. Waterproofing depends on the water column: this number shows how much water pressure the tent can withstand before the first drops come through. We also having beach tents for fishing trips or to give you a bit of privacy on a busy summers day.

Putting up a tent for beginners

Position your tent on even and dry ground if possible. The entrance should face away from the wind. The tent should be secured with tent pegs and ropes so it can withstand strong wind. A construction made from thin poles threaded through fabric loops keep the tent taut. Sound complicated? Then we recommend a practical pop-up tent that pretty much puts itself up. Don’t forget: you’ll need an insulated ground mat and a sleeping bag for a good night’s sleep.