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What DIYers and gardeners really need

What’s better than spending an evening in your very own garden? Create your own personal paradise and enjoy the well-earned peace and quiet. In our online shop, you’ll find a wide range of high-quality, comfortable garden furniture, such as sun loungers, garden chairs, hammocks and garden benches. So there’s nothing to stop you enjoying a relaxed coffee with friends on your patio and sunbathing in your green oasis.

Garden products and planting essentials.

Calling all gardeners! In our online shop, you’ll find everything you need to design your own little refuge, such as greenhouses, plant stands, features, hosepipes and side screens for privacy. To make sure your plants grow well and develop beautiful blossom, we offer stunning pergolas, high-quality secateurs and organic fertilisers. In summer, an easily assembled swimming pool will turn your garden into a water park - not just fun for the kids!

On the barbie

A juicy steak, delicious sausages and healthy veggie kebabs: at a BBQ, everyone gets what they like. Want to turn your garden into a luxurious outdoor kitchen? Grill masters will find a huge range of robust kettle grills, firelighters, BBQ accessories and smokers. We also have practical accessories like burger presses.

Everything for your workshop

A perfectly set-up workshop is the dream of any DIYer. We can help you make this dream a reality with stable workbenches, sawing trestles, wheeled platforms, shelving and work tables. Of course, you’ll also find the necessary tools, from crimping pliers to screwdrivers and well-arranged toolboxes. Practical helpers such as sweepers, routers, slab lifters, sanding sets and hydraulic workshop cranes will make your work easier.