Garden benches

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The garden bench: your cosy spot amongst the greenery

A garden bench is the perfect seat for outdoors: you can set it up on your patio or under the shade of a tree and enjoy many relaxed hours in your own personal paradise. Listen to the birdsong and breathe in the scent of blooming roses! Our tip: combined with a table and chairs, you can create a cosy seating area for friends and family to enjoy a coffee or Sunday brunch.

Popular materials for garden benches

Wooden benches are popular thanks to their natural look. They are made from weather-resistant woods such as teak or eucalyptus, so fit into a green oasis well. Cast iron benches are especially practical, but still winter-proof and easy to clean. Benches made from natural bamboo or rattan are especially popular in Asian-themed gardens, and provide a touch of exotic flair. Watch out: unlike synthetic poly rattan, these garden benches are not weatherproof! Practical, good-value and stackable plastic benches aren’t quite as long-lasting as models made from high-quality wood or cast iron.

The ideal place for your garden bench

Never position your bench directly on the lawn, as the moisture can damage the bench’s feet. Instead, place it on stones to avoid direct contact between the wood and the ground. With our 360 benches, you can place them around trees to make use of the shade, however they shouldn’t be placed under fruit trees, as falling fruit can leave stains that are hard to remove. Important: if you position your bench in a sunny location, the material can fade over time. Cast iron benches get hot, so you’ll definitely need a padded cushion to sit on!