Rattan chair sets

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Rattan patio sets are sure to impress with their robust construction and attractive design

All of us love having a beautiful home where you can simply relax after a hard day of work. You can count yourself lucky if you have a garden or patio so you can enjoy nature in your down time. The design of any relaxing oasis is defined by the furniture and accessories used to design the space. There is a lot of choice when it comes to garden and conservatory furniture, and poly rattan furniture is a safe choice. Unlike real rattan, which is suitable for indoor use only, poly rattan is specially designed for outdoor furniture. Chairs, tables, stools or a complete rattan patio set are bound to impress and come with a range of benefits. They are long-lasting, weatherproof and low-maintenance and will complement almost any style. Poly rattan garden furniture decorated with coloured cushions will make any patio or garden into a thing of beauty. Let us give you some information and a couple of tips on materials and maintenance.

What is rattan furniture?

Modern rattan furniture isn’t generally made from real rattan, rather poly rattan. This is a plastic fibre, and its braided fibres define the look of the finished patio set. Poly rattan stands for ‘polyethylene rattan’, a synthetic material. These durable fibres are very resistant to tears and even a thin piece just a few millimetres wide can withstand up to 10 kilos. The fibres’ tensile strength depends on the quality of the plastic used. Cheaper rattan furniture will stay rigid for longer, while high-quality fibres in branded furniture are more flexible and offer high resistance to UV rays. The material hardly absorbs any liquid and isn’t sensitive to water. Poly rattan is available in various designs, such as round braids or flat plaits, which result in different surface textures. The woven material is almost indistinguishable from real rattan. Products made from this synthetic wicker are completely recyclable. There is poly rattan furniture for every taste and every budget suitable for the patio and garden as well as inside. Rattan chairs, stools, rattan sofas or rattan patio sets - manufacturers’ ranges are so comprehensive that there’s something for everyone. The cushion is covered in either a matching or a contrasting colour to complement the dark natural design of the poly rattan furniture.

How do you care for rattan garden furniture?

Rattan chairs, tables, poly rattan seats, loungers, rattan patio sets and poly rattan lounges will make any garden or patio more beautiful. To make sure you enjoy them years to come, you should care for your rattan garden furniture. One option is leather care products. Pour a small amount into a spray bottle and spray the furniture. Rub it in with a dry cloth. Rattan furniture will stay supple for a longer time with this treatment. Don’t apply too often, as too much moisture can make the furniture porous. If you keep your garden furniture outside, it’s a good idea to get a protective cover so it’s protected from the rain. If you have a garden shed or space in the basement, you can keep your patio furniture there. It’s best to carry out intensive maintenance twice a year. Special rattan oil can be rubbed into the furniture with a cloth, while rattan varnish provides additional protection. Before maintenance, you should thoroughly clean the rattan furniture, otherwise particles of dirt may get into the oil or rattan varnish.

How long does poly rattan furniture last?

The durability of poly rattan garden furniture mostly depends on where it’s kept and how it’s stored over the winter. If stools, loungers, rattan chairs or poly rattan lounges aren’t in direct sunlight, they can last six to eight years. Durability depends on the quality of the poly rattan fibres. Its life will be significantly extended if it’s stored in a dry place over winter. It can then easily manage ten to fifteen years. Regular care and cleaning will make poly rattan garden furniture last even longer. The plastic fibres may be dirt-resistant, UV-stable and impervious to temperature changes, but protective covers or storage in the basement or garden shed will extend their life.

How do you clean rattan furniture?

Depending on the weather conditions that your rattan garden furniture is exposed to, you’ll need to carry out suitable cleaning. Smaller areas of dirt can be removed with a soft brush, normal washing up liquid and a damp cloth. More serious soiling can be cleaned with a poly rattan cleaner, available in specialist shops. They remove any soiling and conserve the natural surface. Don’t use a pressure washer or hard wire brushes as these can damage the surface of the poly rattan. Use a garden hose to remove any soap residue and roughly dry with a towel. You can ensure a thorough clean with a special plastic wicker cleaner. The procedure is easy enough, just apply some plastic cleaner to a damp cloth or wet sponge and wash the garden furniture, then rinse with clean water. Alternatively, you can spray a small amount of the cleaning product onto the poly rattan furniture, let it work in and then rinse off with plenty of water.

What do you need to keep in mind when it comes to rattan garden furniture?

Various factors are important when buying poly rattan garden furniture. A rattan lounge set, large rattan chair, rattan lounger or rattan patio set take up a lot of space. A rattan patio set should be large enough to accommodate your requirements. One rattan table and four poly rattan chairs are generally enough. One important benefit is UV resistance. But even good-quality material isn’t a guarantee for the durability of poly rattan furniture, as it will fade over time. When purchasing, look for a good quality accreditation and ask exactly what plastic is used in the weaving. The coating should also be considered, as a durable protective layer is essential. No moisture should be able to get through. It’s also important to find out how the various elements are connected, as good-quality rattan furniture is secured with wooden pegs or dowels. If iron nails are used, you should assume that these will rust over time.