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Everyday working life has us in its grasp. According to a study, six out of ten Brits suffer from stress. Many people are constant slaves to it. This makes it all the more important to create pockets of relaxation and really switch off during your free time. That’s why we offer a wide range of hobby, sport and wellness products in our online shop.

Massages relax body and mind

If you sit at a desk a lot, you’ll know the problem: your muscles tense up, and your neck and back hurt. A soothing massage tool can help. Gentle kneading and stroking relaxes the muscles and gives the spirit new strength. For your own personal oasis of wellness at home, we offer high-quality massage tables as well as accessories such as massage rolls, stools and head rests. We also carry excellent, relaxing massage mattresses and infra-red magnet massage beds.

Sport reduces stress

A lack of exercise is one of the biggest health risks facing our modern society. Just 15 minutes of exercise a day is enough to prevent health problems related to cardiovascular diseases and minimise the symptoms of stress. Of course, it’s much easier to train at home: no need to drag yourself to the gym or get stuck in lengthy contracts. You can concentrate on exercising. To set up your own personal fitness studio, we offer high-quality equipment such as cross trainers, weight benches, dip stations, home trainers and ab trainers. Prefer to exercise outside? In our online shop, you’ll also find complete sets of golf clubs, Nordic walking sticks and garden trampolines.

At one with nature

Camping holidays have been getting more and more popular for years now. Spending time in nature, far away from emails and telephone calls, makes a pleasant change for many people who are stressed by everyday working life. Calling all campers: in our online shop, you’ll find everything you could need for a countryside get-away, including tents, camping chairs, camping tables and gazebos.