Garden table & chairs

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Garden table & chairs will bring Oktoberfest to your garden

Beer garden furniture stands for fun and togetherness, hearty food and a glass of good beer. Beer garden benches and tables have left the tents of Oktoberfest and crossed the Bavarian border. They can now be seen almost everywhere. They’re especially handy as extra furniture to accommodate guests in the garden or basement bar. Even when it comes to camping, this practical, lightweight wooden furniture with its foldable bar tables and bench sets is easy to store and use.

What is beer garden furniture?

This collapsible wooden furniture is generally made up of a wide table and two smaller benches. The dimensions of each piece are standardised so that the beer garden benches and tables can be easily stacked. Beer benches generally measure 220 x 25 centimetres and are 47.5 cm high. They can accommodate four to five people. You can also find beer garden benches with backrests.

The right decor for beer garden furniture

Beer garden sets don’t just have to be rustic benches and tables. In just a few steps, you can turn your beer garden benches into elegant furniture that’s even ideal for a wedding: to increase comfort and improve the look, bench covers can be added. They often come in practical sets. Choose a suitable tablecloth and decorate your beer garden tables with flowers and napkins. Your guests are sure to be impressed!

The right care for beer garden furniture

As wood isn’t weather-resistant, you should regularly varnish the benches and table. When not being used, it’s a good idea to fold your beer garden furniture up and store it in a dry place.