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A gazebo won’t leave you out in the rain

During the summer months, people with gardens generally prefer to spend their free time outdoors. Be it a casual barbecue with friends, a smart dinner or even a rowdy wedding reception: summer is best enjoyed outdoors. But, sadly, rain and bad weather do like to dampen proceedings. It doesn’t have to be the case: with a gazebo for your garden or patio, the party can go on despite the rain.

Finding the right party tent

Flexible fold-up gazebos can be quickly set up and will reliably protect your guests from rain as well as strong sunshine. And these practical gazebos can be folded up to save space and put away when the party is over. When choosing your beer tent, make sure to consider the size and what you need it to cover: how many people have you invited? Will guests be sitting or standing? Will the gazebo have to house a buffet table? Consider that the edges can’t be completely used, as open marquees don’t fully protect the peripheries from rain or sunshine. However we do also have attachable panels to protect you from the most aggressive British showers.

Material and features of a garden gazebo

Marquees and pavilions are usually made from plastic sheeting or treated polyester fabric. Both materials have their benefits: plastic is fully waterproof, while polyester is especially resistant to UV rays. You can choose from open gazebos or closed marquees. Open models usually just have a roof covering, while closed party tents have additional panels between the supporting columns. Make sure that the roof is supported by several cross bars made from stable steel or aluminium. If you want to barbecue under your gazebo, opt for a version with a roof vent: these are small covers that can be opened to let smoke out. Make sure to use our pavilion weights to keep your gazebo secure in strong winds.