Life-sized and true to detail, important body parts flexible, including an anatomy poster

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Human Skeleton | Inc. stand

This Human Skeleton model set by tectake displays an anatomical representation of the human skeletal structure, perfect for any student of anatomy. It includes the entire body, individual vertebrae in the spine, ribs, the skull, and can be used to describe the role of marrow cells, blood cells, tissue, and other factors which affect health. The bones are anatomically correct, and visually displays the way in which bones are connected to form joints throughout the body. Each bone is made from PVC to create an accurate replica, making it ideal for illustrative or educational purposes. The skeleton from tectake comes with an anatomy poster and wheeled stand to make moving the human skeleton easier.
Art. Nr.:
  • Height (including base): 181 cm
  • Weight: 10 kg
  • Poster language: Latin/English
  • Material: PVC
color white
Manufacturer tectake