in a hammered finish, with lockable casters, 52 x 52 x 162 cm

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Bird cage 162cm high

This bird cage creates a fantastic, safe environment for small birds such as budgies and canaries. It offers a lovely, spacious home for multiple pets, however remember to check animal welfare regulations for exact details as certain species may require more space. Numerous perching platforms provide an attractive resting place for all your feathered friends, whilst a feeding platform provides them with a perfect spot to enjoy their favourite food. Thanks to the removable base tray, which can be filled with sand, it is easy to clean and keep hygienic. The cage is equipped with wheels, and therefore can easily be moved. Two vertical sliding doors allow your budgies or canaries out to spread their wings. But don't worry, once playtime is over, noone will be escaping the aviary thanks to the close space latticing of the bars. This bird cage will provide you with a safe place to keep your precious birds, and also bring an antique look to any room. Order this bird cage from tectake today.
Art. Nr.:
  • overall height: 162 cm (incl. roof)
  • outer dimensions of the cage (HxWxD): 124 x 52 x 52 cm
  • outer dimensions roof (WxD): 65 x 66 cm
  • inner dimensions cage (HxWxD): 122 x 50 x 50 cm
  • grid thickness: 2 mm
  • rod spacing: 1.3 cm - 2 cm
  • large screen door (HxW): 21 x 22.5 cm
  • material: powder-coated steel
  • small screen door (HxW): 21 x 12 cm
  • weight: 16.6 kg
color anthracite
Manufacturer tectake