Life-sized and true to detail, important body parts flexible, including anatomy poster

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Human skeleton with muscles

This human skeleton from tectake can be used to anatomically illustrate the human skeletal structure. Each bone can be visually inspected and then compared to the labelled poster which helps with learning and understanding in a science class or a doctors surgery. The skeletons structure is anatomically correct and features removable teeth, an opening skull and movable joints. The skeleton comes with a detailed anatomy poster which focuses on different areas of the human skeletal system, making it ideal for use in a range of different educational and illustrative situations. If you're a doctor, teacher, tutor or student, this complete human skeleton from tectake is a must have.
Art. Nr.:
  • size incl. stand on wheels: 180 cm
  • weight: 9 kg
  • Material: PVC
color white
Manufacturer tectake